Alcohol Consumption Myths About Boating – Boating for Fun

Fridays in summer are the best times of the year for the avid boating fans. The weekend poses a promise of sun and water and the weather has a beautiful hue, inviting the sailor and crew. Relaxing and unwinding on a boat with friends usually involves some alcohol. The sailor navigating the waters would have to stay off the drink though because of the potential DUI that they could earn. Jailtime and lawsuits plague the rest of their lives if caught drinking and sailing too. Some myths surround drinking and sailing that many people never thought was right. These truths when debunked can make your sailing experience both fun and safe.

1.    Drinking and Navigating Is Not as Dangerous

16% of all sailing fatalities is caused because of alcohol. Drinking is the main factor that contributes to deaths caused even by recreational boating. It is against the law to navigate and steer a boat with an alcohol level of .08 and above. When driving a car, there are some things to consider which is relatively common. However, when operating a boat, some things are not familiar that has to be considered such as submerged rocks and trees, depth of the water, wave height and direction of the current. There are no lanes and signs that are marked when operating a boat. The boat operator has to be careful when using the gadgets and tools to help navigate the waters.

2.    Partying on The Water is Easy as Child’s Play When You Have A Boat

If you have ever been on a boat, you have most likely done it for a fun experience. Many people think that sailing and boating are purely an enjoyable experience and can involve alcohol amongst other party paraphernalia. While fun is the primary purpose of sailing, boats cannot be considered to be toys. The operator of the ship has a responsibility of ensuring that everyone on the vessel is safe and sound. He/she has to ensure that they are sober as well. They need to be able to operate the vessel in an environment that is free from any distraction. Therefore, partying with alcohol close to the boat operator or forcing them to drink when out on the boat, in the assumption that you are merely ‘floating,’ is dangerous.

3.    You Hardly Get Caught for Drinking and Boating

Think again if you feel that you will hardly land a DUI when you are caught drinking and sailing. The penalties are very severe when you are detected, and the chances of losing your boating license are strong.  Even if you think that you are merely paddling a canoe and won’t need to worry about a Boating Under Influence ticket; you are very wrong. You don’t just get a BUI for drinking; the same rules apply for those who think they can get away with some recreational drugs.

Thinking about these myths that you first thought existed before going back out for another party on the waves, will be extremely beneficial to you and your partners and help ease your minds. However, it is better for those who are thinking of partying on a boar, to remember the laws and rules put in place, before going out on a boat.


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