Best Boat Repair in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is a popular place for boat enthusiasts, with many different types of boats being found all around the area. If you own a boat then it is important to know where there are some good boat repair companies. We will discuss some of the best boat repair companies found in the Mediterranean region. Which of these you choose of course will also depend on whereabouts you are located. Some companies may be more convenient and offer more of the type of services you need.

One such company is Yes-Yachting which is a company found on the southwest coast of Turkey in the Aegean Sea. They offer several services including services for the sail, upholstery repair, canvas repair and replacement. They also have mechanics that are certainly able to replace your motor or repair the motor. Yes Yachting also does paintwork and woodwork so if your boat needs a new paint of coat or you want the wood worked on, then they can do so. If all you need is teak work then you can use Composite Teak which is a company on the coast of Slovenia.

ILIC Enterprises of Montenegro offers several services. It is located in Limassol, Cyprus. This is a well-established company having been in business for more than 35 years. Services they offer include repairing and maintenance of yachts and other types of boats. They also do retrofitting and upgrading of boats. ILEC has experienced engineers that know how to work on engines, boilers, heat exchangers, hydraulic systems, pumps, air compressors and deck machinery. This company has agreements with and cooperates with shipyards all over the Mediterranean.

Vlamis Yachts is a company that offers repairs and technical support for customers for both sail boats and motor boats. They provide a winterization option to keep the boat in top running condition during winter time. Vlamis Yachts will check the mast and rigging, the sails and all fittings for signs of damage or corrosion. There preventative treatment can save you in the long run. ISP Yacht Service offers a convenient mobile service that extends from the coast of Spain to the coast of France, and they are even available to work on the weekend. They also offer a maintenance service where they focus on cleaning the boat. They also polish and vitrify the entire outer surface including the deck of the boat.

ISP technicians offer services such as repairing wood work, damage to fiberglass and the keel. An antifouling service is also offered for cleaning the keel of the boat. With regards to the keel, they also can repair it with coppercoat for increased longevity. ISP offers an annual subscription service which helps in the long run sinceĀ  this covers various checks that they do such as engine oil levels, and various other controls. These boat repair companies are some of the best found in the region on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you want cleaning of the boat, or need a major repair done, one of these companies is sure to be able to help you.


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