Best Boats for Sailing in the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Sea is a beautiful place to go sailing. You can charter a boat or buy a boat if you are so inclined and able to do so. Boats for sailing come in many forms and designs today. Some of the best sail boats around today are discussed below. Beneteau sailing yachts are very popular among charter companies in the Mediterranean and individual people have also been known to purchase these yachts. Beneteau also make motorboats and as with the yachts they can personalize the boat to suit an individual person or company. Beneteau is a French company that has produced such notable sail boats as the Beneteau First 235 and First 285. These boats are constructed of fiberglass, and are very popular in the Mediterranean area.

Beneteau Company has produced many sleek, attractive and sturdy yachts over the years. They have made both racing and cruising sailboats. The Oceanis 38 by Beneteau is a sleek high performance sail boat. The interior is only a single room which can be modified and customized to suit different tastes. There are several other Oceanis models on the market, all with different features. Aside from Beneteau, other companies also make very good boats for sailing in the Mediterranean. For instance, the Solaris 50 monohull boat is very popular in Italy. The deck has a low profile and it is dressed in attractive teak. It has a powerful rig and the controls are considered easy to use.

The Xquisite X5 has a large 50 ft. multihull with a deck that is set in epoxy resins. It has a water maker on board and touch screen electronics along with several other features. This sail boat is considered a luxury boat because of all the extra features. Another boat with a 50 ft. hull is the Lagoon 42 with several features that make the boat not only attractive, but also a good performer. It has a self-tacking jib and it has a taller than usual mast because of its design. This boat is really a catamaran that is balanced on two hulls. Traditional sail boats have only one hull and are known as monohulls.

If you want a 30 to 40 ft. cruising boat for the Mediterranean then you won’t go too wrong with the Elan E4. Designed and built in Slovenia, this boat is a high performance vessel with enough space in the hull and below deck for true comfort when you need to rest. The Catalina 425 is a monohull boat that is 40 to 50 ft. in length with a nice design. The engine throttle is placed higher than usual which is convenient. This is a three cabin vessel with a very large cockpit and galley and saloon area.

The J/112e sail boat is fast moving, has a slow center of gravity and has a nice design below deck. There are several good boats to choose from for sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. They have different sizes and designs and some will be able to move faster than others. Selecting which of these would be your preferred boat may be a little challenging since there is so much variation in design.


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