Getting a Diver to Clean the Hull of the Boat

There is often the question about how you can get to the bottom of the boat to clean it. Yes, there is more than just moss that gets collected at the bottom of the vessel or the hull, and it needs to be cleaned from time to time. If you want to take up the job of cleaning the bottom of your boat yourself, you are going to need a scuba diving license, as this would be the best way to go. While you may want to paint the bottom, you are still going to need to scrape any barnacles and growth at the bottom of the hull.

  • When you have a clean hull, your boat will be faster
  • Power is enhanced when the bottom is well maintained, and
  • The stress on the engine is lesser with less fuel consumption

Finding the Right Diver for The Job

Most of the regions that you dock your boat at have cleaners available who can take on the job of cleaning the underside of your boat. It’s quite easy to find a company that will send out a person to clean the bottom for you professionally. Sometimes, you can find locals who are willing to do it for a fraction of the cost with the skills that they have acquired over time. The best thing to do is decide on which place you want to dock for a few days, so you can get the cleaning done while you are staying over at the region. Most of the professionals who are available to clean the hull are usually not available instantly, and you might have to wait a day or two before they can come to you.

The cost of getting the job done can vary. The region and the place where you head to has a lot to play with the cost factor of the cleaning. There are choice places like El Salvador, where you can get the bottom cleaned for as little as $20. However, if you are in the Bahamas, you’re in for a hole in your pocket with a whopping $200 an hour. If you want tips on how to find the right deal, choose a company that will charge you by foot and not charges you by the hour for the job.

Several factors will influence the choice of divers that you would wish to employ for the job:

  1. Their availability is probably the first thing that is important
  2. The services that they offer you while they clean is another thing that is significant.
  3. Tools used when doing the cleaning job is a big watch out. Those who prefer to keep the paint at the bottom of their boat should prefer a plastic scraper
  4. The chemicals used when cleaning
  5. The form of payment is essential too. Make sure that they are willing to take credit cards or even accept digital cash payment options. More than anything agree on the final price before the diver begins the job


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