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RYA Training Centre

Noble Marine is a registered and recognised RYA Inland Waterways Training and examination centre. Centering on Inland Waterways boat handling courses including the ICC qualification and the CEVNI regs. Enjoy a fun and informative course run over one or two days depending on your personal skills levels.

Boat Handling course

We can run courses from absolute beginners who want to learn boating and gain their IWHC (Inland waterways helmsman certificate) to an assessment for the more seasoned sailor who needs to upgrade their certificate to ICC (Which is necessary for cruising within European waters).

School boat

Use the school boat or use your own!! Our Waddenvlet is our school boat, at 11M is a perfect size for the beginner to handle and easily to learn the controls. Our courses are run from our home port in Moissac, using the canal lateral de la Garonne and river Tarn when available.

Due to yearly canal closures, courses can only be held between March and November. Alternatively we can run your course on your boat provided your boat is within the RYA specifications, we do charge for any expenses incurred on owner boat training. If you require any more details please do not hesitate to contact us or if you would like to make a booking, download your booking form [ here ]

Price list of the courses available

IWHC 1 Person 2 Persons 3 Persons
For little or no previous experience
ONE DAY COURSE 450 € 730 € 900 €
TWO DAY COURSE 750 € 1100 € 1300 €
OWN BOAT TUITION 300 € 550 € 750 €
ICC & CEVNI 1 Person 2 Persons 3 Persons
Assessment for experienced pilots
USING SCHOOL BOAT 415 € 630 € 750 €
USING OWN BOAT 275 € 520 € 700 €
CEVNI TEST ONLY 40€ / Person    

Boat school clients comments

Amanda & Peter  

Iain and Karen make cruising fun and easy, after a couple of months of struggling with locks, moorings and screaming abuse at each other - my husband and I did the Noble Marine Training - what a difference, it was a day full of knowledge, fun and common sense. The rest of our time on the canals, have been a pleasure - because we know what we are doing.

Thank you Iain and Karen I can now look forward to many years of boating enjoyment.

Mason and Trudy Williams Maui Hawaii USA

Helmsman's and Crew Course:

We were novices to Canal Boating and quite frankly, overwhelmed when we saw the size of the boat and locks. The skills we learned gave us the confidence we needed to tackle the tasks. Within in a week we had mastered the boat and locks and we're enjoying our adventure in the South of France... all thanks to Iain and Kaz! The course was great fun, too!

Shirley Peters  

I had never steered a boat before, but after your course, I am fully competent with handling a 16m barge: locks, turning, backing, mooring!  I even found out where the brakes are!

Thanks to you both, Kaz and Iain, I have a boating future in France!


Hi Kaz and Iain. Great learning experience with the CEVNI course. I felt relaxed, and I appreciate your help with my handicap. I now feel confident in skippering a barge on my own. I recommend you to anyone who needs to get their certificate.

Ian, Lisette  

Hi Iain and Kaz,We've now been cruising for about two solid weeks, and we have been learning a lot through our experiences. However, we have been so relieved that we had the solid grounding in barge handling, safety and CEVNI regulatons that we gained from your course.

We have frequently used these as the basis for our response to challenges, and judge how we perform against your advice and teaching. It's been of enormous value, and it is inconceivable that we could already have the restrained confidence, and be enjoying barging as much as we are without your help.Thanks again

rya courses and training

rya courses and training

rya courses and training

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