Sailing Schools France

There are several good sailing schools in France. Below are some of to consider.

Les Glénans

Founded by Philippe and Hélène Viannay in 1947, Les Glénans is a sailing school in France which operates as a non-profit organization. Headquartered in Paris, it has five other sites in France namely l’Ile-d’Arz, Marseillan, in Southern France, Paimpol, Bonifacio in Corsica, and l’Archipel in Brittany. Most of its available 800 instructors are volunteers. Apart from yachting, they offer courses on Catamaran sailing, kite surfing, dinghy sailing, and windsurfing. The school also provide the “Cours de navigation des Glénans”, a book on sailing techniques. Les Glénans’ fleet consisting of various types of boats can be recognized by a red stripe across the mainsail. The Sereine, A 12-meter Bermudian cutter, was one of its first boats. Although it still sails and has been fully refurbished, it is now listed as a French monument. They sail in the Mediterranean, Ireland, the UK, Sweden, Norway and across the Atlantic. Each year over 13,000 students sails for 100,000 days.

Sailing School Brittany

Located on the southern coast of Brittany, the RYA recognized sailing school is open to beginners, professional yachtsmen or those that just want to sail for leisure. They offer a “Charter Skipper” course to train beginners for any boat charter. Available practical courses include beginner courses like RYA Start Yachting, RYA Competent Crew, to intermediate RYA Day Skipper, Tidal Conversion Course, and to advanced RYA Coastal Skipper, and Tidal Conversion Course. They also offer online theory courses, one-day courses, and “plus” packages comprising a combination courses. Sailing School Brittany awards an RYA certificate.

Blue Sailing

Located in south Brittany, Blue Sailing was the first RYA Training Centre in the region with a sailing area in Quiberon Bay. Having trained over 1000 students since 2010, the school offer RYA practical and shore-based courses that help to develop a student’s seamanship. Available courses include Day skipper, Competent crew, Coastal skipper, Mile Building, RYA Coastal Skipper/Yachtmaster Theory, RYA Yachtmaster Ocean Theory Course, etc. They also equip beginners with the essential skills for sailing with family and friends. Professional yachtsmen are trained to have successful careers in yachting and get the RYA/MCA Yachtmaster certificate. At Blue Sailing, tuition is entirely in English and is open to students from around world. Students go on cruises around the beautiful islands in the Gulf of Morbihan and the sheltered waters of Quiberon Bay. An interesting point is the low acceptance rate only 4 students the 44-foot yachts and 3 students the 35-foot yacht.

Zephyr Yachting Sea School

Zephyr is a sailing school situated on the French Riviera. They tend to actualize imaginative techniques with a specific end goal to convey the most recent nautical improvements to the intrigued group of onlookers. They train the expert cruising teams. The organization is famous among various sailing fans. Also available are specialized crew programs. The South of France is a perfect place to join the theoretical and practical training to get the most of your courses.


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