The Best Sailing Around Brittany

Brittany has to be one of the best parts of France to enjoy sailing. Unlike the more glamorous south coast the waters of Brittany are less crowded and there are plenty of things to do and see. But this is not to say that the coast of Brittany will not test your navigation skills.

Brittany has a plethora of interesting coastal towns to visit and explore, and most have mooring facilities for your boat. So day sailing is ideal as you work your way from town to town. To the west there is plenty of low water, so for those who opt for an easterly passage the sailing is a little easier and there are more destinations to explore.

Treguier to Roscoff

As we have already said sailing west you are fighting against an ebbing tide. This might well hinder your chances of being able to moor your boat. The stretch of coast between Treguier and Roscoff has some great places to stop and visit, just pay attention to places that are open at all tides.

  • Treguier – a perfect dto start your journey as the town is simply enchanting. There is a cathedral to see and the half-timbered buildings are delightful. The only problem with Treguier is that it is prone to cross tides which makes for mooring your boat highly challenging.
  • Trebeurden – is a highly popular holiday destination and is well worth a visit. There is a large marina ideal for mooring your boat, and just off the coast are many islands that offer anchor possibilities so you can explore the wonderful seascape.

L’Aber-Wrac’h to Raz de Sein

Sailing in West Brittany you will find it hard to find any port once you have passed Roscoff. You will encounter strong tidal waters in this part of Brittany but the islands that stretch westwards offer plenty of anchorages for those courageous enough to tackle the water.

  • L’Aber-Wrac’h – is basically a small village but is great for access and is lit up at night should you arrive late. Sailors coming from Falmouth or Plymouth find the village their first port of call after their voyage from England. Many sailors find L’Aber-Wrac’h has a great anchorage to wait out inclement weather.
  • Rade de Brest – this destination is popular as it has many marinas and different places to anchor. Just keep away from the commercial port as the waters can get really congested.
  • Morgat – if you fancy a little time off the boat then head for Morgat. It has easy access to its marina but the best thing is the great beach that is situated here. So perhaps let the family stretch their legs and spend a day on the beach.

In conclusion if you are thinking of sailing in this part of the world then bear in mind that this stretch of water will seriously test your piloting skills, and 2am departures are a must to catch the tide. On the positive side there are some fantastic historic towns to visit that offer the best food and drink, with a warm welcome.





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