The rich man’s pleasure – Part 2

A sport with a history of being meant for rich people can easily be interpreted as a sport where you do not take in too much. But real sailors are not the least bit afraid to shoot down their hands, it is a pleasure that enters their blood. The competition provides fuel for technological advancement, which, in turn, provides fuel for competition, and then it continues becoming adrenaline. Australian Ian Burns, who is a director of Team Oracle’s US performance, has been a sailor for over fifty years. Burns was very enthusiastic about sailing in NYC, the city where America’s Cup was born. “The original America’s Cup race that goes over to United Kingdom went from the NY club. A bunch of men got a boat they thought was pretty good, with this trashed the thirteen of the best British boats properly. This story shows what the Americas Cup is today, the Queen asked who was in second place and her policeman replied, ” No 2nd place here”. “

Expensive toys

 Some things have not changed, sailing continues to be an expensive hobby. But instead of aristocrats, its practitioners just have a lot of money The boat used by Oracle has a price tag of more than one million, the boat used in the  2016  competition costs up to $ 6 million, but this is about half the price of the larger boats used 3 years earlier. So, it has become a sport where the rich pay to see the young and strong do “something” while they look from the side line.

Safety first

During the final of the America’s Cup 2013, there was a crazy time in the sport when Team Oracle USA tested the new, ultra-fast boats to its limitation of safety and production of the rule book. A British sailor, who previously participated in Olympic gold for the racing team from Sweden, had an accident after his boat overturned in the water during tests in the Bay of San Francisco. Team Oracle later received deductions from their points because of the weight distribution, but when the results from the final had been counted, it was still this team that went away as the winner. Later, safety measures have been taken to avoid as many accidents as possible, the crew now carries oxygen, knives and protective jackets that can help them when the accident occurs.

Exciting pleasure

However, it is dangerous considering that the speeds are still rising, the sailors have now crossed the limit of 50 knots, which means about 55-56 km/h. To achieve this, the speed is important for the high-efficiency and powerful boats, and it does not take long to increase speed for them. Only in 2013, the speed was of 40 knots, there is a big difference in such a short time, and it talks about the hunger that exists to drive these boats forward faster and riskier. But it is perhaps not so strange considering that those who can afford to pay for it often searches for as much excitement as it goes; if you put $ 6 million on a boat you do not even have to drive yourself, you obviously want to see something exciting .


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