Tips to Care for Your Sailboat

When your sailboat is stationary for a period of time (either at anchor or a marina), if you are planning to reside on the boat and want to utilize the different systems, you need to pay attention to many crucial things. In this article, you will find a number of measures through which you can take care of your boat daily or weekly.

Conduct the Survey of Your Bilge

Every few days or better still every morning, carry out the survey of the bilge and check for oil, fuel or water leaks. It is an excellent practice to often lift a central floor-board to ensure that this bilge is dry. Following a serious rainstorm, you should lift the floorboards. You should also do this activity when turning on the generator or engine if it has not worked for some time. Leaks can arise from various places. They can come from holes in the deck, from improperly sealed windows and loose hatch seals.

If you discover a leak, the first step to take is to taste the water. Check if the water is salty or fresh. Doing this will give the first clue to solving the problem. Also, freshwater leaks can be easily managed; however, if it is saltwater types, this could be a huge challenge.

Test the Pump of This Bilge to Make Sure It Is Put on Automatic

Verify your bilge pump is fault-free. You can do this by testing it to make sure that it is on automatic and that it works properly. Bilge pumps are essential. In some sailboats, there are batteries, engines and other important systems below the water-line. Thus, a leak may be fatal very rapidly if the pump is not triggered.

Observe Your Sea Strainers

Check your raw water sea strainers. If you run on a generator, refrigeration, air conditioning/heat or any other device whose operation requires a raw or salt water cooling system, you need to observe the strainers.

Make Sure That All Raw Water Flows Are Running

Check the flow of water on every one of raw water cooling equipment. Ensure that as the cooling water for your systems like heating/air-conditioned/ generator set/refrigeration flows out the boat, you can easily see this.

Observe the Level of the Freshwater

What is used to pressurize a fresh water system is an accumulator tank. Should a situation arise where the level is too low, it imperils the entire system and rectifying the debacle will require many hours. To prevent this, you should never allow your tank to get empty.

Keep an Eye on the Charge Levels of Your Battery Daily

The last tip for taking care of your sailboat is that you need to make sure your batteries are kept charged over time; this depends on the batteries and the systems. This step is necessary so that you can determine the time duration for which you can last without the need to take any action. The tips above will help you manage your sail boat effectively. You are sure to enjoy your boat and watch it serve you better.


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