A Taste of Brilliance and Warmth in A Cup – Brewing Coffee on a Boat

Coffee lovers often struggle to cope for a few hours without a cup of their favorite brew. Whether picking up some coffee on the way out or making a fresh mug of warm goodness now and then, its easy in today’s world. However, what happens when you are out on a sailboat, and you still want to have some of your favorite brew, or maybe a unique brew that you reserve for sail days?

Being on a sailboat is an exceptional experience. Enjoying a cuppa-joe on the boat is something else, and coffee fanatics will be able to relate. If you like both sailing and coffee, then you will understand that the joys of peaceful sailing without being bound by space and sipping on your favorite beverage is possibly the best feeling in the world.

Love Coffee but Weary About Sailing?

If you like adventures, sailing is for you. You’re floating on water, you could be stuck in the center of the ocean, the wind could stop blowing, and anything can go wrong. There is no need to worry though. Just hold onto your coffee mug tightly and enjoy the experience of it all. Sailing offers the chance to experience something that you possibly would never experience on land. The feel of bobbing in the ocean is close to nothing you would ever experience in your life.

There are several coffee makers available in the market that makes the coffee brewing experience on a sailboat worthwhile. Many coffee lovers agree that when making coffee on a sailboat, you indeed pay attention to the brewing process as the sailing experience only enhances your senses. The following products are highly recommended by coffee lovers to make a great cup of coffee on board. The equipment is easy and inexpensive to find at any boating and sailing stores around the world and online.

French Press

Probably the oldest and simplest to use. Just add coffee beans and hot water in the round glass and let it brew for three to five minutes before you plunge it. After that, you can enjoy the perfect mug of coffee on your voyage to your Land of Promises! The French Press is by far the highest rated coffee maker that sailors choose for sailing experiences. After all, with good reason, the French are great with everything to do with sailing and coffee too.


The second favorite way to make coffee while sailing is with the AeroPress. The product is compact and lightweight, so it’s easy to carry.  However, if you have a considerable number of people who would be sailing with you, and all of them drink coffee, this one isn’t for you. The only hitch to this coffee maker is that it prepares only two or three cups at a time.

Espresso Makers

If you choose to pick up espresso makers, choose the non-electric ones. There are several in the market that you can select for a boat. The stove-top ones are by far the best for a boat. The Moka Pot is a top-selling piece that most espresso lovers choose out of the lot. However, be ready for the cleanup process as it can be messy.


Nifty portable units called Handpressos are fantastic. They don’t require any electricity or any batteries to make the coffee. All you need is piping hot water and coffee powder. You would use a ‘hand pumped pressure’ brewing method to make coffee. The price of the Handpresso is roughly about $50 online making it both small and affordable.


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