Attaching Your Boat to Your Truck

Sailing sure is fun; you get to sit back and relax on the deck sipping champagne under the hot sun while smoothly cruising along the coast. However, the question that still baffles many people is how boat owners get their boats from their houses, through traffic, and into the ocean. Although many people ask their boat dealer for ideas, the price he quotes costs a small boat. Your solution is not simple, but it can be done by yourself. First off, you will need boat trailers. These heavy-duty pads are used to carry boats around while merely being attached to a truck. Towing boats are a cheaper alternative to leaving your sailboat or expensive yacht at a dock.

Boat Trailers and What You Should Choose

Boat trailers are made of sheets of metal or other alloys. The metal is strong enough to tug around goods, livestock and other materials efficiently. It is essential how you attach the trailer for your boat as it may damage the hull and cause expensive repairs. There are two different types of boat trailers, and it is vital that you choose the one that suits you best.

The roller trailer uses rollers that are embedded into the floor of the trailer. You can mount your boat onto the trailer by just sliding it on. A more basic trailer is the float-on trailer. The float-on trailer is simple. Unlike the roller trailer, the float-on trailer relies on the boat being winched onto it. Remember to check if your car has a tow-ball, without it; you cannot transport your trailer or your boat. So, if you don’t have a tow-ball, make sure to buy one before you buy the trailer.

Attaching Your Boat Trailer to Your Car

Although your dealer may have already explained, remember that one mistake or one faulty part while attaching your trailer, you risk losing your trailer and boat. The first thing is to chock the wheels of your trailer. Get a piece or block of wood and wedge it behind the back wheels of your trailer or in front of them, depending on the direction that you want to stop it from rolling.

Next, raise the trailer coupling by using a jockey wheel, position the boat trailer coupling so that it is directly above the car’s tow-ball. Then you are going to need to get some assistance. The other person has to face the back of the tow ball and the boat trailer’s coupling. Slowly back up the car so that the tow-ball is closely aligned with the coupling. You can attach the coupling by opening the latch on the trailer coupling and pull back the coupling handle to lower it on the tow-ball. Make sure that the coupling and the tow-ball are secure and release or drop the handle.

Attach the safety chain to each side of the boat trailer’s coupling, and make sure that there is enough slack to allow turning. Next, plug the trailer’s electrical plug into the car’s socket and make sure that all the trailer and brake lights are in sync with your vehicle. Lastly, make sure you have properly secured your boat. Do this by attaching tie downs along the front and back of the boat. Also, adjust your side view mirrors to make sure that you can see the rear of the trailer.


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