Geneva Sailing School for Multihulls – The Best of Sailing Experiences

Geneva is one of the most extravagant cities in the world. Apart from being a home to the second largest headquarters of the United Nations, Geneva is famous for fancy watches and thought of as the most expensive travel destination. People who have a taste for traveling and would love to experience some of the best outdoor activities with a touch of historical and modern lifestyle should consider visiting Geneva for its offerings.

Things to Do in Geneva While Vacationing

If you’re planning a trip to Geneva, do visit their museums. From Art to History and science they have all kinds of museums. Geneva has a lot of landmarks. Be sure to visit them, maybe click a picture or two and update your Facebook cover. Rue du Rhone, CERN and Banc de la Treille are some places to visit for sure.

Don’t worry if you’re not amongst the ones who visit museums and landmarks; there’s a lot more to Geneva than just sightseeing too. How do boat tours, bike tours, nature and wildlife tours sound? You can even go for paragliding and parasailing or spend a whole day by the beach, sipping your mint margarita, enjoying the sunset as well as go sailing.

All Aboard

You’re in Geneva, and you sense a calling from the ocean. Curious, you rent a boat and decide to set sail to explore what the waters of Geneva have in store for you. Thankfully, before you wonder which part of the boat you need to stand on and how you navigate, you can find quick courses to give you a hand. You can enrol yourself in one of the several sailing schools and prepare yourself to take on whatever the waters of Geneva or anywhere in the world, throw at you.

If your sailing skills are rusty, then you can simply take a refresher course and consider it the best choice you could have made. There are many sailing schools throughout Geneva. The schools in Geneva promise you a thrilling experience every time you set sail. Some schools offer corporate sailing services and private lessons. However, a sailing school which goes by the name of Sakana Sailing is the only school in Geneva to offer multihull sailing. They will guide you on how to make the most of the much envied Diam 24 and promise a fun-filled experience and memorable experience.

GC32 Racing Tour , THIRD event of the year, 36 COPA DEL REY, Palma, Spain, 1st till 5th of August 2017

Why Learn to Sail in a Multihull?

Every time you plan on setting sail, if the option is available, always choose a multihull. Why? Firstly, a multihull is more stable than a monohull. While adventures are great, you might want to minimize the risk of an overturning incident. Apart from safety benefits, it is spacious, and you can crack open a cold one with your boys mid-sea and have enough of room to walk around and party. There is no speed difference between a mono-hull or a multihull, so why not choose the more comfortable and safer option?

Geneva is a beautiful vacation spot, filled with all sort of activities and different types of cuisines. If planning a trip to Geneva, do spare time to go sailing as the night view in the ocean combined with the aesthetic night lights of the city and a full sky of stars would be a view you won’t want to miss out on.


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