Getting the Most Out of the Canal Du Midi in France

When you imagine a place that is filled with beautiful flowers and vineyards, you hardly think that it could be home to the famous waterways where you can steer a boat through. The Canal du Midi is a gorgeous place that only dreams are made of with its lush vineyard and breath-taking sunflower fields along with a canal that runs through it all. The canal is a beautiful waterway to stream through, and visitors from all over come to experience the beauty of the place in all its splendor. During July right to the end of August, the Canal du Midi can be very crowded with boat enthusiasts. The oval locks are connected with people wanting to have a go through the canal in their boats. Therefore, if you are scheduling a tour to the Midi during the busy months, be prepared for a long wait time.

Wine Country, History Tidbits and Famous Locations on the Canal line

The beautiful Languedoc vineyards surround the canal. The place is renowned for its highest production in unusual varieties of wines that are on sale during the busy times as well. Free tastings are also offered to the weary travelers who want to sample some of the good from the region. For a few euros per bottle, passengers can walk away with some of the best wines they have ever tasted in their lifetime.

As you glide around and reach the end of the canal, the trip is not over. The city of Toulouse awaits you. The city is known for its aeronautical industries and has many activities that will please those who wish to grasp some space adventures. Midway through the canal is the historic city of Carcassonne. The city is known for its famous hill castle that sits at the highest point of the town. The town has played as a renowned location for several heroic movies that Hollywood junkies love.

The low stone arch canal bridge at Capestang village is at a branched area of the canal for those who wish to venture off course. The Mediterranean is connected from here on, and the shores are lined with beautiful picturesque umbrella pine trees. Don’t forget to visit Narbonne en-route and Agde. History geeks will love the historical significance of medieval Agde and the secret Herault River too.

Best Boats to Choose for a Canal du Midi Cruise

Renting a boat when you are out at the Canal du Midi is probably the best option if you are interested. Few people who are professional sailors bring their boats, but the most lot usually rent their favorite ones. Whether it is for a family or a large group of people, some boats will suit any size of occupants. When getting a boat, newbies beware that when the boat is advertised as being able to hold five people, in reality, you will be comfortable with a little larger boat and still have a place to move around.

Boats are available with cabins and sleepers that people can use for their canal cruise and experience every area that they visit thoroughly. Luxury boats are the best especially if it is for smaller groups of people or a family. They have plenty of space, and some even have ensuite bathrooms and a fully equipped bar. For as little as $1000 a week, a family of two adults and two children can have a fabulous week cruising through one of the most favored canals in southern France.


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