Gizmos and Gadgets That Every Sailing Enthusiast Must Have

Sailing as hard as it sounds is heaps of fun. When sailors begin a new adventure out into the open ocean, useful and fancy gadgets become a necessity; and sometimes a luxury. Many of these gadgets are what backpackers take on hiking adventures, and some are specific for sailing. While it is tempting to fill up the sailboat with everything that you might need, it is essential to think of usefulness. A comb through all the content often leaves sailors throwing out many of the things they don’t need. The remaining list of must-haves comes down to a select few. The rest is pure luxury.

Raymarine Ocean Scout TK

The Ocean Scout TK can extend vision limits while at sea, by creating heat images. With its ability to spot objects such as boats, buoys landmarks or wildlife, this gadget is a must-have. The Ocean Scout TK is Raymarine’s most affordable Thermal camera. The feature that makes it occupy the highest place on a sailor’s wish list is its ability to identify a potential MOB. Expect to pay a pretty penny on this gadget as well.


While a lifejacket is the essential safety device when sailing, its use is limited to safety. There is always a demand for safety and feature upgrades for your boat, and the Restube is the perfect replacement to the lifejackets. The Restube comes as a small pouch that attaches around your waist. It can be used in emergency circumstances by merely pulling the string that is connected to it, deploying a bright yellow Restube filled with air. The Restube is unique because it is not just great for emergencies but can also be used while splashing around in the middle of the ocean. However, before sailing out, ensure that every Restube is perfect working order.

Thuraya Satsleeve+

No signal out at sea? No problem; the Thuraya Satsleeve+ will fix that. This phone case wraps around your phone and boosts its signal for connection to the Thuraya satellite network. This is done by using your phone’s internal electronics, efficiently. The Thuraya Satsleeve+ utilizes a universal adapter, meaning that the user can easily switch between smartphones, as long as their measurements are between 58mm to 85mm in width.

Garmin inReach

Similar to a regular phone, the Garmin inReach is a portable device that works like a Sat phone. It is a safe and affordable way to contact family and friends when you’re out at sea. It provides live tracking and also allows you to send and receive messages to any mobile device, email address or other inReach devices; no matter where they are. The Garmin inReach can be synced with your phone and operated through an app.

Free Wheeling

The FreeWheeling is a lightweight innovation from Australia that promotes using manual actions to propel a raft. It is usually used for emergency purposes, for example, when you run out of fuel. Some sailors use it if they don’t want to use oars when rowing. Using a 3:1 gear ratio which is contained in the collar by the handle, this gadget is a lightweight and fuel-less alternative. It is designed to offer a smoothe ride. A great addition to every boat for sure.


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