Saving Your Boat When A Hurricane is On the Radar

Homes, buildings and infrastructure are severely damaged every year by cataclysmic hurricanes that sweep nations. The widespread devastation has contributed to the destruction of the sailing communities around the world. The destructive forces of the winds and rains wreck damage that is expensive for boat owners to address. However, there are several precautions that boat owners can take to ensure that the loss is limited or non-existent when it comes to their boats in the future. These steps are easy to implement and should be adhered to every time the ship is docked.

  • Come up with a plan for a hurricane as a first step. The idea that you create will be something that you can hold for all the precautions you would need to take for all your processions on land and sea. The feasibility and steps of your method have to be your responsibility, and you should make sure that every step is followed, diligently. Avoid thinking off the fly and taking precautions as and when you think of it. Instead, a plan would be one that you write down in a book or on your smartphone. Checklists can be taped to different parts of the boat for all crew to witness and follow, to help with the workload when getting off the ship.
  • Every arrangement that is necessary should be made in advance. Your boats should be looked after before the season kicks in. All loose parts, secured and properly maintained, will ensure that the hard weather does not carry away a piece of the boat. There is always an intimation before a hurricane hits. Therefore, the time before should be used to secure the ship entirely.
  • Several places offer safe docking experiences for boat owners when it comes to a hurricane. These docks are in high demand during the hurricane season and will need prior booking. Chances are these places booked out closer to the season. Therefore, an early arrangement with the docking company will help.
  • Once the warnings about any weather changes are posted, do not even attempt to go on board. It applies to any small kind of maintenance that you may have forgotten. No crew should be allowed to board the vessel once the warnings are issued. Trying to move or secure the ship once the signals are released, potentially puts anyone on board in grave danger.
  • Careless sailors will not be looked after if they decide to go into the sea. Alltech marine agencies pull their boats and staff to safety once warnings are issued. If you do choose to go on to the sea or on board your board, you are by yourself and are responsible for the lives onboard too.
  • Lastly, until the warnings and the hurricanes are wholly cleared, do not attempt to check on your boat. There are several safety checklists available at boating stores to ensure that all the items on your ship are secured for any catastrophe. These checklists will also give you an overview of the different state of the art equipment that will help during hurricane season.


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