The Life of a Chef on a Super-Yacht

Have you ever thought about the life of a chef on a super-yacht? The millionaire owners of such boats are used to the very best in everything and that includes food. So, they will expect the very best cuisine served on board their boats for themselves and their guests. Some voyages are for many weeks at a time, whilst other uses of the boat may be to be moored as an entertainment hub.

Being a chef on board is indeed a difficult job. Chefs are used to long hours, but this is a 24hr position and you are expected to be on call night and day. The benefits of the position include great pay and a chance to visit the most exotic and luxurious locations in the world.

The Galley

The Galley
The Galley

Super-yachts are all about ostentatious luxury that people can see. And no expense is spared for the entertainment areas and bedrooms. To make space for all this luxury the cabins and utility rooms of the crew are often small and cramped. This includes areas such as the galley. A millionaire owner would far rather have a large dining room than a bigger kitchen. This often makes the galley area cramped and with less equipment than a normal five-star hotel kitchen would have. Remember the chef is often expected to deliver five-star cuisine, but the conditions in the galley often make this difficult.

The Diners

On board a super-yacht every inch of space is utilized, and kitchen storage space is often restricted. This means providing top quality meals with fresh ingredients is often really difficult. To add to the complexity celebrity guests are notoriously hard to please and will insist on meals to fit their dietary requirements.

The chef may be preparing meals for presidents, royalty, or film stars. And their reputations as celebrity chefs will hinge on the food that they send out of the galley. Even after the last meal is served every day the chef cannot relax as he will have to plan the meals that will be served the following day. This is no easy task considering he may not have the chance to re-stock his kitchen for weeks.

The Qualifications

Being a chef on a super-yacht is an elite culinary position. The days of a simple cook being able to prepare superb dishes from a limited galley are long gone. Most chefs on board a luxury yacht have to be trained to at least sous chef level.  A normal kitchen has designated areas for different food preparation, such as a fish area or a pastry section. But the chef on board a ship has to do everything in a confined area. Only skilled chefs that have been trained on all aspects of preparing food can do this demanding job. You cannot pass over a pastry task to an expert whilst you prepare the main meal.

Being a chef on a luxury yacht is the most demanding job but it certainly has its rewards. Perhaps it is not for every chef but those prepared for hard work and adventure can really expand their knowledge.


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