Top Places for Self-Driving Boats in France

Knowing how to drive a boat is a fantastic skill to have. Considering all the places, you can explore on both land and sea, gives you more of an advantage than others. While others are stuck to getting from place to place through traffic and stuffy taxis, you would be at an advantage of cruising to get to where you want to go. This is especially true if you are boating through places have nested pieces of land on water bodies, and the best way to explore these places would be by boat. In France, you will never be able to experience the real beauty of the country without getting a cruise on the rivers and canals.

What better way to explore than through self-driving your own or rented boat through the rivers?

There are so many places you will be able to discover through a boat drive than you will ever find on the road. Some travel agencies littered around France will be able to assist you with a great itinerary to travel around France on the boat and get to experience France in all its glory. Here are top places you can self-drive your boat through in France.

Burgundy Vintage Adventures

Vineyards and wines are most popular when they originate from Burgundy/ The Cote de Nuits, and the Cote de Beaune are some of the famous wines that originate from here that you are bound to hear about around the region. You can head over to these places on a self-driven boat and go on a wine tasting tour around there. If you like something, you can always pack a few bottles away in the cooler of your boat. There are snails and cheese that you can pick up on your Burgundy tour as well. The architectural heritage of the place is by far one of the best in all of France, and with a mixture of other factors, burgundy is one of the top destinations to explore by boat. Two rivers flow through Burgundy that you can cruise through. Towns such as Louhans or Chalon-sur-Saone and Auxonne are great for both food and entertainment.

Camargue on the Mediterranean

If you are traveling toward France in the winter months, you might want to consider heading toward the warm Mediterranean waters if you choose to cruise. There are beautiful destinations on the Camargue that offers bird watchers an eyeful of some of the most exquisite birds in all of Europe that attracts people from all around the world. Animals like white horses are found in plenty in the wetlands of Camargue, and the place is a perfect destination for some warm time in the sun. There are several places like Sete that you must visit on your cruising adventure through Camargue. When you drive your boat through from Port Cassafieres to Aigues Mortes, be prepared for lots of fishing, food, and fun. The walled city of Aigues Mortes is one of the most beautiful medieval towns that you will encounter on your cruise.


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