Top Reasons To Go Sailing

Top Reasons To Go Sailing

Whether you are cruising, sailing, or fishing, out on the river, lake, or ocean, sailing is a very popular activity. There are millions of people who enjoy sailing worldwide. Sailing has always been an adventure and people get out on boats for many different reasons. Below, I’m going to share with you the top reasons that people go sailing. Enjoy!

Escape from reality

Sailing is the perfect way for you to just disconnect and escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If you’re tired, overworked, or stressed, once you get out on your boat, all of life’s worries seem to disappear. When you’re out sailing, your mind is clear and you’re completely aware of your surroundings. The further you’re out on the water, the further all of your problems seem to be. Sailing is a natural stress reliever and a nice change of pace from a busy schedule.

Enjoy the views

Just being out on the water, hearing the water touch up against your boat, and looking at the beautiful scenery really is an enjoyable experience and allows you to really appreciate nature. Sailing allows you to take in the sounds of the water, birds chirping, and is just really relaxing. There are some really pretty views to look at and capture with your camera while out on the water. Even if you’re only able to get away for a short amount of time, sailing can definitely improve your outlook on nature and life in general.

Bond with family

Sailing alone is extremely enjoyable, however, sailing is a nice way to bond and spend much needed time with your family. If you have children, you know that when they get to a certain age, they want to avoid their parents at all costs, so coming up with activities where you can get them to engage is really important. There’s no better way to bond with your kids than teaching them the ins and outs of sailing, as you will make them feel like they’re apart of the crew. Have the kids work with you on the boat to leave the dock, sailing, anchoring, and returning the boat to the harbor. This can really improve your relationship and bring you all closer. Spending quality time together out in the middle of the water is so much more meaningful than other activities because there aren’t any distractions and the focus is really on each and every one of you.

Quality times with friends

There’s no better way to spend quality time with friends than by sailing the waters while having a little down time. There are many fun activities to do while out sailing with friends that can make for a really fun time. There’s swimming, paddling, and beaching, just to name a few. If you’re friends enjoy being out on the water just as much as you, what a great way to spend time with your favorite people. If you are thinking of planning an afternoon out, get your friends together, buy finger foods and booze, and just enjoy relaxing on your boat while enjoying each other’s company. If one of your friends happen to own a canoe or you have access to rent one, you all could partake in canoe racing. With canoe racing, you will get team building experience and learn how to rely on one another better.


Everytime you go out sailing, you will learn something new or sharpen a skill, there’s no doubt about it. If you’re a beginner sailor, there’s knots that you need to learn how to tie. You will always need educated on seamanship, rules of the water, and safety, since you’re always going to want your boat to sail better, faster, and safer. Education is required when learning how to read charts, anchor your boat, and how to read the water and weather. Also, if you are going to trailer your boat, you need education on how to launch and retrieve and also how to balance your load, which isn’t as easy as it may seem. When it comes to sailing and your boat, education is always required to ensure you’re a successful sailor and being as safe as possible.

Good for your health

Boating is exercise, and while it may not be aerobic exercise unless you’re canoe racing or paddling a kayak into hard wind, you’re working every muscle in your body while boating. Even when you are just setting still while anchored, your body is working as the boat moves from side to side. You are getting tons of fresh air, which is great for your health and let’s not forget the Vitamin D you’re taking in from the sun. If you’re looking for an activity that your health benefits from, it’s definitely sailing.

Nothing more fun

Out of all of these reasons to go sailing, there’s really no better reason than just for some good old fashioned fun! Sailing is tons of fun and there are several fun things to experience out on the water. Fishing, parasailing, and diving are just a few activities that you can partake in while out sailing. However, those things may not be for everyone. If you’re anything like me, you may not want to engage in any of these activities. I, personally, enjoy laying back on my boat while listening to calm music, playing some games on my smartphone, or sticking my nose in a good book. There’s nothing out there much more fun than sailing, especially, if you really enjoy water.


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